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Ecosystem Protection and Management


Since climate change is likely to increase pressure on biodiversity and ecosystems, adaptive measures must be put in place to preserve them and the benefits they provide. The government is focusing on the following issues:

  • Vulnerability of ecosystems and wildlife and plant species of major environmental, economic, or social importance in Québec, including threatened and vulnerable species
  • Entry routes and propagation methods of invasive exotic species favored by climate change with a view to implementing adapted detection and control methods
  • Maintenance of ecological services and the benefits they provide to society
  • Habitats and ecosystems that are already under heavy pressure from human activities (peri-urban and agricultural areas, wetlands, and forests) and are therefore more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

In Québec, the Climate Change Action Plan supports projects on ecosystem protection and management:

  • An Ouranos study on Lyme disease (PDF) (in French) has given us a better understanding of how the vector of this disease is spreading in Québec and enables us to assess the effect of climate and habitat changes on its progress. This new knowledge will help us develop decision-making tools that will make it easier to incorporate climate change adaptation into biodiversity conservation, environmental management, and land use planning activities in rural, peri-urban, and urban areas.

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